Frp Doors

Marstrade is one of the prominent Suppliers of Fiberglass Reinforcement Plastics Doors. We specialize in catering a variety of stunning, yet utilitarian FRP Plain Doors in multiple colors, patterns and designs. Today, FRP Plain Doors have been rapidly gaining popularity across nation; thus we have been supplying high quality FRP Doors nationwide. Our FRP Doors are the identity of modern houses as well as offices. In a bid to fix the handles, locks, stoppers and other accessories, we also cater needed wooden supports.


  • Fiberglass Reinforcement Plastics 1.5 mm thick
  • FRP skin is molded over the core material forming a sandwich panel
  • Self-pigmented FRP doors
  • Offered in multiple color choices
  • Apart from natural wood finish, we also offer in smooth finish and wood grain finish
  • Standard door thickness is 30/35 mm
  • Carry fire retardant properties